Improve Compliance Oversight & Facility Intelligence Across Large-Scale Operations with ComplianceAssistant®

ComplianceAssistant from BuildingReports is ideal for consolidating compliance inspection, preventative maintenance, and service reporting from contractors, providing on-demand, organization-wide access to the status of critical facility assets across multiple properties.

“BuildingReports’ inspection reporting enabled us to pinpoint problems within our life safety systems and enabled quick response from our maintenance team.”

George Galdo
Network Coordinator
Verizon Wireless

Effectively and efficiently managing complex facility assets and systems can be a challenge for a single building, especially given the intricacy of the applicable codes and standards, and in accordance with local and industry requirements. When those challenges are applied across an entire portfolio of properties on a regional, national, or international stage the task seems even more daunting.

Given that a multitude of service providers and internal staff are typically responsible for performing inspections and regularly scheduled services, disparate methods of reporting, and service delivery tools create even more barriers for effective oversight on a local, national and even international scale.

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Introducing ComplianceAssistant® from BuildingReports


ComplianceAssistant Effectively Addresses Facility Management Pain Points

Have you experienced unexpected visits or requests from code officials, or had to produce documentation for insurance claims following an incident?

With just a few clicks, all preventative maintenance and compliance inspection reports and records can be accessed within seconds.

Need to plan and/or budget for upcoming service or regularly scheduled maintenance?

The ComplianceAssistant calendar provides visibility for any upcoming or regularly scheduled events for the entire portfolio of properties.

Ever been caught by surprise when a work crew arrived unexpectedly at an inopportune time for occupants?

Get alerts and notifications by email or SMS text in advance so you’re never caught off guard.

Unable to reach a property manager to obtain reports and documentation for an upcoming meeting?

Employees at corporate headquarters can access and pull documentation for work recently performed from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Unsure which inspections have been completed on time and which are overdue and out of compliance?

Those with the ScanSeries inspection and reporting suite can see at-a-glance which properties are on top and in compliance, and which are falling behind and creating liability for the organization.

“I have all the information I need in one central place. So as far as streamlining everything, making the operation efficient, [BuildingReports] did it.”

David Resmondo
Low Voltage Supervisor
Atlanta Public Schools

ComplianceAssistant is ideal for companies with large geographic footprints, including industries such as:

  • Property Management & Residential
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Retail & Hospitality Industries
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • School Systems & Campuses
  • Maritime Fleets
  • Wholesale & Industrial
  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Detention & Corrections
  • Federal, State & Local Government

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